Painted Glass, Statesville, NC

Add creativity to your home or building with painted glass!

You’re not likely to find a home or business without windows, especially here in the Statesville, North Carolina area. For both windows and doors, glass gives an open feeling that often allows natural sunlight and exceptional views. However, there’s a lot of creativity that can be found in your windows or doors when you use painted glass as your material.

Painted Glass in Statesville, North Carolina

You might be wondering how painted glass is made or created. Well, one will usually start with a natural pane of glass. Then, special paint is applied to one side of the glass. The paint will then be “baked” in a way that bonds it to the glass.

From our years of work with glass, we’ve seen how creative it is possible to be with painted glass. There is almost an endless number of colors and designs that you can choose for your windows and doors. Not only is painted glass a choice for artistic design, but it is also a great way to block UV rays coming in from the sun, reduce heat passing through the windows, and add an extra bit of privacy to your home or building from those passing by.

Our company has many different colors and designs of painted glass ready for your consideration. If you need some help deciding, we’re more than happy to help you with your selection. We make it our mission to take care of our customers and give them the best glass and experience possible. Call us today here at Statesville Glass & Shower Door for more information.

At Statesville Glass & Shower Door, we offer painted glass products in Statesville, Mooresville, Huntersville, and the rest of the Lake Norman, North Carolina area.