An Introduction to the Different Glass Materials We Offer [infographic]

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Giving our customers plenty of options is important to us at Statesville Glass & Shower Door. This is why we offer several types of both standard and specialty glass for you to pick from for your next project.

An Introduction to the Different Glass Materials We Offer

Standard Glass

  • Lexan—This is a type of polycarbonate glass that has an impressive level of impact strength. Its chemical makeup provides flexibility in addition to extreme toughness, making it a great option for storefront glass.
  • Plexiglass—While not technically a glass product, Plexiglass is a type of acrylic plastic that is lighter than normal glass and highly cost-effective.
  • Insulated glass—This type of glass consists of two or more glass panels that are sealed around the edges, so there is open space in between. Most commonly, insulated glass is used for windows.
  • Tempered glass—During production, tempered glass goes through a process of extreme heat and rapid cooling, which makes it stronger and harder than other types of glass.
  • Annealed glass—Otherwise known as standard glass, annealed glass is a good option if you want a lower-cost option for your application and you aren’t looking for added strength.

Specialty Glass

  • Ballistic glass—Available in many different strengths, ballistic glass is ideal for places where valuable items or sensitive information is kept.
  • Painted glass—If you want to enhance the aesthetics of your building, painted glass is a great option.
  • Low-E glass—This type of glass blocks significant ultraviolet and infrared light transmission while still providing plenty of natural visible light to come through.