Do All My Replacement Windows Have to Be the Same Style?

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A common question most companies that install replacement windows get asked is, “Do all the windows being replaced have to utilize the same style and type of window?” The answer is no. When you consider the many different features and price points involved, it actually makes sense to consider what your objectives are for each window and choose the best option rather than do them all the same and be less than satisfied with some of them. Here are a few examples where you might want something different rather than keeping your replacement windows the same.

feature for all of your replacement windows

  • Tilt-In Replacement Windows– If you have a multi-story home, you might have no real issues with cleaning the outside of the main level windows but can save from pulling out a ladder by installing tilt-in ones on upper levels. Since this feature can be more costly, save money by not putting them in the lower windows.
  • Dual Pane Windows– Dual pane windows allow you to open either the bottom or the top window for airflow. While you may like this feature for all of your replacement windows, if you are looking to control costs, you might limit it to rooms where children spend time to safeguard against them accidentally falling out the window by opening the top part instead. Some choose to use them for all upper level windows for safety reasons.
  • Double or Triple Pane Glass Replacement Windows– Generally speaking, if energy efficiency is your goal, go with the best you can afford. However, if you can’t quite squeeze out enough to replace all your windows with the best, consider putting them on the side of your home facing prevailing winds.
  • Specialty Windows– Obviously, if you are considering a large picture window, bay window, bow window, or another type of specialty window, you aren’t likely to want them throughout your home.

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