How Durable Are Commercial Windows?

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Commercial buildings wouldn’t be the same without their glimmering glass facades, but have you ever wondered what it takes to make those commercial windows so strong? Not only must they provide stunning views, but they also have to be incredibly durable to withstand weather, impacts, and years of use. That said, just how tough are these transparent workhorses? Let’s find out!

How Durable Are Commercial Windows?

Unlike home windows, commercial windows prioritize function over form. They tend to be much larger to maximize natural light and views, so the glass needs to be extremely durable. Many commercial buildings use tempered glass, which is significantly stronger and more impact-resistant than standard glass. The framing is also specially engineered – thick, heavy, and made from resilient materials like aluminum that can withstand decades of use.

Safety is also a major priority in commercial windows. Tempered glass is specially engineered to resist shattering or remain in the frame even when broken. The goal of this is to minimize injuries. There are also specialty glass options, like Low-E glass, to optimize functionality. Low-emissivity or Low-E glass has a virtually invisible coating that improves insulation, thus reducing glare and heat transference into the building. For high-security areas like bank teller windows and storefronts, bulletproof glass provides even greater protection to building occupants.

Installing these enormous panes takes specialized equipment and expertise. The frame design needs to support the immense weight of the glass, withstand wind loads and seismic shifts, and allow for thermal expansion and contraction. Proper installation is crucial for longevity, as is ongoing maintenance like inspections and prompt repairs. With proper care, commercial windows can last 20-30 years.

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