The Standard Timeline for Replacing Residential Windows

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When it comes to your residential windows, you may wonder if replacing them is a home improvement project you should take on in the near future, especially if you don’t know how old your windows are. Before you contact us at Statesville Glass & Shower Door, consider the basic timeline for replacing residential windows based on the standard windows in most homes.

The Standard Timeline for Replacing Residential Windows

How often you need to replace your residential windows depends on factors like the materials your windows were manufactured from and the condition of the walls that surround them. If there are leaks or drafts coming from your residential windows, especially during periods of inclement weather, it’s a good idea to consider replacement. You should also consider replacement if energy efficiency is a concern and you would like to reap the benefits of lower utility bills on an ongoing basis.

Today, most residential windows also come with a 20-25-year warranty, so after replacement, you won’t have to worry about replacing them for an extended period of time. Know that if your windows get damaged or broken during this time period, replacement is typically a viable option and is usually a much more cost-effective route to go.

At Statesville Glass & Shower Door, we are here to help with everything you need related to residential windows, including replacements and repairs. As Statesville, North Carolina’s oldest and finest glass company, we are always happy to take your call and discuss the specifics of your window project.