Three Inspiring Designs for Custom Mirrors [infographic]

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You probably use a mirror more often than you’d like to admit, and that’s totally understandable! Mirrors offer an easy way to look over the outfit you’ve chosen, the hairstyle you’ve done, or find out if you have something stuck in your teeth.

Three Inspiring Designs for Custom Mirrors

When it comes to mirrors, though, you don’t have to settle for the traditional mirrors your home came with. Custom mirrors are a great way to breathe new life into your home and allow for creative expression. Here are a few ideas for custom mirrors to get you inspired:

1.  Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: Take advantage of that blank wall and fill it with a floor-to-ceiling mirror! This is a great way to create an incredible accent to your room, while also reflecting natural light and adding visual depth– both of which will make your room brighter and happier.

2.  Geometric shapes: Rectangles aren’t the only shape that mirrors can come in. Try something new with mirrors that are shaped as circles, hexagons, diamonds, triangles, or something else. You can design some striking patterns and create an amazing accent.

3.  Multiple panels: Instead of one, large mirror, you can have some fun with the design of your room by using multiple panels of mirrors to create the illusion of one cohesive mirror. Use long rectangle mirrors and stack them either vertically or horizontally with a few inches of space in between, depending on the look you’re going for.


Three Inspiring Designs for Custom Mirrors

With custom mirrors, you can liven up your home and give your room an artistic atmosphere. Call us here at Statesville Glass & Shower Door to learn more.