Top Options For Glass Shower Doors

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Homeowners have many different options for their new glass shower doors. Even if you are replacing an existing shower door, you can choose a new glass type to fit into the space or redo it altogether. One option is tempered glass. Glass shower doors are held to specific safety standards, and tempered glass often works very well for this purpose. Annealed glass used to be the go-to option for shower doors, but when it breaks, it crumbles into tiny, sharp pieces that can cause harm or injury. Thanks to the heating and rapid cooling process used to create tempered glass, it falls apart in chunks when it breaks. They aren’t nearly as sharp as annealed glass, making them the safer option for glass shower doors. Of course, the edges are still vulnerable to cracking and breaking, which is why we take extra care upon installation.

Top Options For Glass Shower Doors

A couple of design options for tempered glass are:

  • Clear-plain glass
  • Ultra-clear- low iron content clear glass to avoid a green cast
  • Tinted- adds a hint of color to the glass
  • Patterned- glass is covered in a design
  • Cast- the glass sheet is made in a mold
  • Etched- frosted look created by acid application

Clear is one of the most popular options, but etched, patterned, and tinted offer more privacy. Other glass shower door materials are laminated glass and laminated tempered glass. Both are safety glasses that are covered on either side with vinyl. If these break, the glass shards will stay between the two vinyl sheets. Our team at Statesville Glass & Shower Door will help you select the best option for your needs.