Why Hydraulic Door Closers are a Must Have

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Do you have doors in your home or office? The answer is probably yes. Did you know that your doors could be even better than just a simple door that opens and closes when someone pushes or pulls on it? You can enhance your doors’ capabilities with hydraulic door closers. Hydraulic door closers are devices that are added to your doors and doorframes to close your doors automatically. There are many benefits to installing hydraulic door closers. Below are our top three reasons we feel that hydraulic door closers area a must have item for your home or business.

Why Hydraulic Door Closers are a Must Have

  1. No more loud doors – Businesses and even homes get a lot of foot traffic. The door slamming shut over and over can become a nuisance from patrons and family members coming in and out of your home all day long. You can solve this problem with hydraulic door closers. These small additions to the doors of your residence or business will help to eliminate the sound of a loud door banging shut every time someone comes or goes.
  2. Lower energy costs – When you have hydraulic door closers your doors remain closed when they are not in use. This helps to keep warm air inside during the colder months and cooler air inside during the summer months. This will help to keep your utility costs as low as possible.
  3. Door remains closed – Your doors will remain closed when not in use and therefore you can have greater peace of mind. This also prevents the need for an employee or homeowner to waste his or her time closing the door every time someone forgets to close it.

If you are ready to have hydraulic door closers installed in your home or office, then give us a call at Statesville Glass & Shower Door. We know that you will greatly enjoy the benefits of having your doors automatically close.