Why You Shouldn’t Delay When You Need Window & Screen Repair

Did you know that procrastination is a problem for 1 in 5 people, and that three decades ago, the number was only a quarter of that? While it might make you feel better about delaying that call for window & screen repair to know this, there are some very good reasons why it isn’t wise to put it off for long. Here is why you should make every attempt to call for service the same day you notice a broken window at your home.

It is especially important to take care of window & screen repair

  • Loss of Energy Savings– Your windows are an important defense against summer heat and winter cold and the effect on your power bill can become worse than you might imagine by even a small breach in a window.
  • Water Damage– If you delay the window & screen repair and it rains, you could face more repair costs when rain or snow comes into your home, damaging the window frame, flooring, wall, and belongings near the window.
  • Injury Potential– Murphy’s law kicks in and, even though your children and pets never went near the window before, they will seemingly be drawn to it by an invisible magnetic force – well, actually out of simple curiosity, but it is dangerous nonetheless.
  • Unwelcome Guests– Depending on the size the hole in the window, you could be visited from vampire-like mosquitos to rodents – or even a neighborhood cat or dog!
  • Vulnerability- It is especially important to take care of window & screen repair for windows visible from the street as a criminal could take it as an invitation to enter your home because breaking the window has already been done for them.

If you have a broken window at your Statesville, North Carolina home, please don’t delay when we’re just a phone call away here at Statesville Glass & Shower Door. We will respond quickly to your call so you can avoid the many dangers involved. We hold our employees to a high standard of work quality and customer service, so you can rest assured your window & screen repair will be to your complete satisfaction.